What is the Quicksearch?

You can find the Quicksearch at the top right in the menu bar. Quicksearch offers a convenient way of looking for a search term in both the product area and the editorial area of the homepage.

Tips for entering search terms
Avoid punctuation marks in the search term and separate individual search terms with a space, e.g. Bizet Carmen vocal score

If you want to search for an order number, enter this as follows: 

AE129 (no space between the series and the edition number)
AE129 72 (a space between the edition number and the part number) or
AE129-72 (a hyphen between the edition number and the part number)

The results are shown by category. In the upper part you will find the results from the editorial area, and in the lower part the results from the product area. In the right hand column the wish list is displayed. By clicking on the button “Add to wish list” you can add items directly to your wish list from the search results. 

With the Quicksearch you can search in all entries and texts. Depending on the search term, the results will include hits which are only peripheral to the search term. For a more precise search with different parameters, please use the Detailed Content Search for the editorial area.