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17.11.2020 09:19

Online premiere of Matthias Pintscher's "linea evocativa" for solo violin with Leila Josefowicz

Matthias Pintscher's new composition "linea evocativa" for solo violin is set in the context of highly expressive visual works of art. In the last few months the American painter George Condo has created figurative paintings in strongly accentuating colours which will be shown in an exhibition at the New York gallery Hauser&Wirth  from 20 November onwards. The exhibition is aptly named "Internal Riot”. To mark the occasion of the opening, Matthias Pintscher’s work "linea evocativa" will be premiered by violinist Leila Josefowicz. It is a quasi-infinite melody in a sweeping dramatic gesture, conveying the greatest tensions and conflict. The subtitle is "un disegno per violino solo". Like George Condo's large-scale expressive figures, the work reflects the overwhelming uncertainty and dissonant emotions that can be felt all over the world in the face of the current situation.

The world premiere can be experienced worldwide via video stream, after prior registration under the following link: