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11.09.2019 09:47

New works by Beat Furrer

Beat Furrer devotes new compositions to two closely related, yet fundamentally different instruments: in “Il mia vita da vuolp” he interweaves a baritone saxophone with a high soprano. “My life as a fox”, after Rhaeto-Romanic texts by the poet Leda Semadeni, are five highly fascinating linguistic images about death. Marcus Weiss and Rinat Moriah present the first performance on 14 September 2019 at the Festival Rümlingen (Switzerland). In his new work for clarinet and ensemble for the Ensemble intercontemporain, a game of deception “with the splintered instrumental sound will be experienced, a movement into a great unison”. Jérôme Comte, the Ensemble intercontemporain and Matthias Pintscher premiere the work on 20 October 2019 at the Donaueschingen Festival. (photo: EvS/Manu Theobald)