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11.09.2019 09:26

Miroslav Srnka's trumpet piece for Simon Höfele

“Rising Stars”, the portrait series of the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO) is now a firmly-established fixture in the international concert business: young ambitious performers, “stars”, are given the opportunity to present themselves in programmes they themselves have devised. The trumpeter Simon Höfele asked Miroslav Srnka to write a new work for him. Srnka, recently appointed as Professor of Composition in Cologne, has written “Milky Way” for trumpet and piano or marimba for the ECHO rising star. Miroslav Srnka: “From anywhere else in the Milky Way, our Sun is a rising star“. The premiere will be given in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam on 25 September 2019, followed by performances in Luxembourg, Cologne, Budapest, Darmstadt, Dortmund and Lisbon. (photo: Franck Ferville)