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16.10.2019 15:01

Autumn concerts with works by Charlotte Seither

A whole series of new works by Charlotte Seither is planned for autumn. Following the first performance of “stilles haus (nachbeben)” for flute and inside piano at the Kunstfest Weimar, a new work receives its premiere on 11 October 2019 by the Ensemble der Länder in Sondershausen. On 18 November 2019 “lauschgut” for piano, commissioned for Wien Modern, is performed by pianist Mathilde Hoursiangou in the Konzerthaus Vienna. The evening contains exclusively new, experimental works for inside piano. And last but not least, Charlotte Seither’s orchestral work for Clara Schumann’s 200th anniversary, “sie, die spricht”, can be heard again in two performances: in Frankfurt am Main with the orchestra of Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium on 13 September, and on 10 October in Bonn with the Beethoven Orchestra, conducted by Dirk Kaftan. (photo: Marco Bussmann)