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16.10.2019 14:59

Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini‘s Mahler spirits

Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini has been commissioned by the Jena Philharmonic and its Music Director Simon Gaudenz to compose a short, independent orchestral work to complement each of the Mahler symphonies, works which relate to Mahler’s music and intellectual world. The first two compositions “Torso” and “Epitaph” have already received their premieres, and now the first performance of the third piece “Spiriti” is on the agenda. This works with just shadow-like noises, as a counterpart to the sheer orchestral power which breaks new ground in Mahler’s 3rd Symphony. The premiere takes place on 26 October 2019 in the Konzertkirche Neubrandenburg with the Neubrandenburger Philharmonie conducted by Sebastian Tewinkel, before all three previously-composed parts are performed in Jena by the Jena Philharmonic on 7 November. (photo: Andreas Willi)