Rai Com Music Publishing - Contemporary Music 

Rai Com, musical publisher and producer of the RAI group (Radiotelevisione italiana), has been involved in Contemporary Music since it established its Contemporary Music department in 2002.

This choice was designed to integrate the commitment of RAI in cultured music, complementing Rai Radio3 (Classical Symphonic/Chamber Music and Opera) and the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale with the publishing department of Rai Com, an active and constantly growing publisher, directly involved in the circulation and promotion of its catalogue in Italy and abroad. A catalogue that documents the path of musical composition today, in its creative evolution and with the most articulated forms, displaying the oeuvre of recognised masters as well as of younger upcoming authors.

An integral part of Rai Com's publishing project is the effort to keep the artistic individuality of the authors and to share their creative process (in such crucial steps as the choice of subjects, the involvement of librettists and performers and so on), thereby taking care of the circulation of compositions, from the performance to the radio broadcast and the discographic recording.
Rai Trade publishes the works of such renowned composers as Salvatore Sciarrino, Giacomo Manzoni, Sylvano Bussotti, Luca Lombardi, Marcello Panni, Lucia Ronchetti, Clemens Gadenstaetter, Frédéric Durieux, and of younger but already successful composers such as Francesco Filidei, Andrea Molino, Raffaele Grimaldi, Mauro Montalbetti and Riccardo Panfili.