Henschel Musik

Henschel Musik is a publisher and distributor of stage works. The company was founded in 1945 by Bruno Henschel (1900–1976) and was based in Berlin. It was originally a (fine) art and theatrical publisher. In 1951, a sales department for music stage works was added and many works by notable GDR composers such as Paul Dessau, Georg Katzer, Gerhard Rosenfeld and Rainer Kunad were published. Henschel Musik also published frequently-performed translations of well-known operas by Mozart and Verdi (including those by Walter Felsenstein, Joachim Herz and Klaus Schlegel). After the reunification of Germany, Henschel Musik was privatised and absorbed into the Bärenreiter publishing group as Henschel Musik GmbH. In 2001 the headquarters of the company moved from Berlin to Kassel.