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22.10.2015 15:26

Immeasurable space. Beat Furrer at “Salzburg Dialoge”

At the “Salzburg Dialoge” Festival, Beat Furrer features as a guest composer this year in four concerts: as part of this, spazio immergente for soprano and trombone will be premiered by Golda Schultz and Mike Svoboda on 28 November, a multi-layered setting after Lucretius. Performances of Furrer’s works also include Spur for string quartet and piano, choral pieces from the Enigma cycle, and his ensemble work linea dell’orizzonte with the Klangforum Wien, conducted by the composer. This composition receives several performances this autumn: from Shanghai to the USA – performed by Ensemble intercontemporain, Ensemble Phace Contemporary and Klangforum Wien, which gives the British premiere of the work at the Huddersfield Festival.

A dialogue between trombone and soprano carries a text of visionary breadth into various acoustic spaces – with voice, speech, breath. The basis for Beat Furrer’s spazio immergente for soprano and trombone are Lucretius’s astonishing reflections on the phenomena and nature of being which he wrote in elaborate metre in his treatise De rerum natura (On the Nature of Things) in the first century BC. The eight verses contain nothing less than a vision of dissolution and apocalypse, and form the starting point for Beat Furrer for a tonal unfolding in different spaces. A densely-woven intertwining of various dynamic processes at the beginning, modulating tonal colours and voice-like colourations in the trombone produce a virtuoso polyphony. The five sections are sung in Latin, except for the fourth where the text suddenly accquires a special sense of the present in German, quasi-spoken by both the performers: “... so that the walls of the universe do not suddenly disappear into immeasurable emptiness like flames ... and nothing, no remnant remains – deserted space.”

Marie Luise Maintz
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