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14.02.2019 07:43

Fleeting hopes. Lucia Ronchetti‘s piece for Valer Sabadus

Three figures, captured in the voice of one special soloist. Composer Lucia Ronchetti has written “Speranze fuggite, sparite da me”, an adaptation of Francesco Cavalli’s “Giasone”, for the countertenor Valer Sabadus. The work receives its premiere in the Philharmonie Cologne on 25 March 2019. Lucia Ronchetti describes her composition as a “Drammaturgia” for countertenor and ensemble. Looking back, the text by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini narrates the experience of three characters from the legend of the Argonauts – Orestes, Jason and Hypsipyle: their longing and waiting, their despairing love.