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05.01.2017 09:01

Rudolf Kelterborn’s “Musica Profana” in Basel

Kelterborn’s large-scale Musica profana for soprano, baritone and three instrumental ensembles receives its premiere on 25 February 2017 in Basel. The composer describes the work as “a secular music in space, for two voices and three ensembles placed far apart from each other, comprising a mixed ensemble with 12 performers in the centre, and 6 brass instruments and soprano, flute, saxophone, 2 guitars, accordion in a gallery, plus a baritone who moves around the space. I have set texts which I have already ‘made use of’ in earlier works: Japanese Haikus, Petrarch, Shakespeare. It has become a music about the richness of life.” The first performance on the 150th anniversary of the Basel Musik-Akademie is conducted by Heinz Holliger.