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10.07.2013 15:27

The start of the “The New Anton Bruckner Complete Edition”

The Vienna Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag announces the Neuen Anton Bruckner Gesamtausgabe (New Anton Bruckner Complete Edition). Beginning at the end of 2013, Austrian composer Anton Bruckner’s (1824 – 1896) complete works will be published in a new edition, in cooperation with the International Bruckner Society and with the Austrian National Library. 

The Vienna Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag is proud to announce the New Anton Bruckner Complete Edition. In cooperation with the International Bruckner Society and with the Austrian National Library, the first volume of this new complete edition of the works of Anton Bruckner (1824 – 1896) will appear approximately at the end of 2013.  

All compositions by the Austrian composer will be newly edited for the New Anton Bruckner Complete Edition. Each volume is prepared by internationally renowned Bruckner scholars according to uniform and up-to-date editorial guidelines and not only takes into account the most recent discoveries of source material, but also places more importance on questions of performance practice. Faithfully to present the authentic urtext remains the uppermost priority. 

Apart from a comprehensive preface which includes discussions of source material, creative process and reception history as well as of questions of performance practice, each volume contains a critical report. All texts appear in German and English. Each volume will be printed in both full-sized conductor’s score and in study score format. Performance materials will be available on hire from Alkor Edition, Kassel, Germany. 

Even before its launch, the New Anton Bruckner Complete Edition has gained prominent advocates: The Vienna Philharmonic have agreed to assume official patronage of this edition. 

The “blue volumes” of the Anton Bruckner Complete Edition also published by the Vienna Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag 1934 – 1944 under the general editorship of Robert Haas (1886 – 1960) and later under the editorship of Leopold Nowak (1904 – 1991) will remain available in the future. 

Angela Pachovsky